PS-3 is a proven paraffin and asphantine dispersant
Cooling Tower Treatment
Provides highly effective scale and corrosion protection
Closed Loop Treatment
Treat and pretreat products, highly effective scale and corrosion protection in hot and cold water systems

CHEMICO International, Inc. (CHEMICO) was established to develop, manufacture and sell safer, higher performance products with greater reliability than were currently available. CHEMICO is a manufacturer and supplier of quality industrial, process, commercial and municipal water treatment products, services and equipment; remediation/environmental clean-up; paraffin solvents and process solutions.

CHEMICO blends corrosion and scale inhibition products and offers high quality equipment with expert service to water treatment customers. We specialize in non-acid water treatment products. Our experienced team is available to provide technical assistance for our customers.

We are conveniently located near Houston´s Energy Corridor, the hub of the oil industry. CHEMICO is positioned in a prime location to meet the needs of its clients. We utilize the Port of Houston to distribute products throughout the world.

Providing solutions that are people and environmentally friendly, CHEMICO International, Inc. is a global leader for innovative industrial and municipal water treatment.

CHEMICO is a certified Woman Owned Business and a Texas HUB.

Call us for more information, 281-599-3337 or 800-272-4997.

CHEMICO formulates and blends corrosion and scale inhibitors.
CHEMICO provides a full range of water treatment services.
CHEMICO offers controllers, pumps, valves, filter feeders, and filters.
Water Treatment Bases
CHEMICO blends specialty formulas, ChemBase® for corrosion and scale inhibition.
Oxi 3
CHEMICO patented bioremediation process, click the icon to watch a You Tube demonstration. learn more
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