PS-3 is a highly effecive dispersant used to remove existing paraffin and asphaltine deposits. PS-3 prevents redeposition in the formation, production tubing, and surface equipment. PS-3 is the preferred treatment for difficult and problem produstion systems.

PS-3 is a single solution synergistic blend of surfactants, dispersants, and solvents. In addition to piping, PS-3 can be used for tank cleaning. PS-3 can be feed either slug or continuous.

PS-3 is:

Not corrosive to piping or gaskets

Eliminates or reduces hot oiling

Easy to pump

Easy to handle

Reduces workovers

Simple treatment program

Cleans old deposits

Gasket safe, not soy based

The high flash point allows PS-3 to be transportated as non-flammable.

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