On Site
CHEMICO sales and service personel have many years experience troubleshooting, water testing and problem solving for cooling towers, closed loops and boilers.

Remote Monitoring
Many of our controllers can be accessed by phone or internet connections. CHEMICO technicians can monitor systems and provide system evaluations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Lab Testing
CHEMICO developed the first microwave test for phosphonates. Using this method, an expensive and fragile UV light is replaced with a small microwave.

Our corrosion and scale expert is available to our customer at no cost. He can assist with problems from system issues to specialty blends.

Custom Blends
Water is not an exact science. Different areas have hard or soft water, based on customer water sample and needs our R & D Department is able to provide a customized blend for your water needs.

CHEMICO is a certified Woman Owned Business and a Texas HUB.

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