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CHEMICO International, Inc. was established in 1981 for the purpose of creating and providing the safest water treatment products for industrial uses.

CHEMICO specializes in cooling tower, boiler, closed loop, and chilled loop systems.

CHEMICO maintains an innovative research and development lab to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Focusing on providing solutions that are people and environmentally friendly, CHEMICO International, Inc. is a global leader for innovative industrial and municipal water treatment and process solutions.


CHEMICO International, Inc. was incorporated on October 11, 1989 for the purpose of providing safer, non-acid industrial water treatment chemicals, along with equipment and service. The company started blended chemicals for sale and offered service to industrial water treatment customers. CHEMICO also distributed potable water treatment chemicals and equipment.

CHEMICO developed several products: a non-acid corrosion/scale inhibitor for stressed waters; a corrosion inhibitor for industrial engine water jackets without azoles, molybdates, nitrates, or borates; a polymer that removed and floated heavy hydrocarbons from concrete surfaces; an azole free, heavy metal free, neutral pH corrosion/scale inhibitor for cooling water systems; a concentrated product for companies blending cooling water products; and a single solution chemical to safely clean and passivate closed system piping.

CHEMICO partnered with an equipment manufacturer to install the first remotely monitored conductivity controller used in the United States.

CHEMICO evaluates products for major chemical companies. These companies require an uninterested party to evaluate new and current products.

In the 1990’s CHEMICO research produced a plant growth stimulant using natural products.
CHEMICO became truly international with our first customer in Monterrey, Mexico. Other international customer included Germany, the Azores and the Canary Islands.
Also in the 1990’s, CHEMICO research produced a soil remediation process that leaves the treated area rich in oxygen, Oxi 3. This process was patented in April 2006.

In 2000’s CHEMICO research developed a water conservation process for cooling towers. This process, HiCycler® was patented January 2007.
R & D proved the ability to make chlorine from the sodium chloride concentrated in the HiCycler Process.
CHEMICO made the decision to begin utilizing distributors to market HiCycler. After contracting with three, we held our first Distributor meeting.


Our largest HiCycler was installed in a power plant for a steel mill in Turkey.

CHEMICO received a second patent for innovations to the HiCycler Process, February 2010.

R & D developed a major improvement in the proprietary corrosion inhibitor to provide faster protection especially to aluminum.

In June 2010 CHEMICO moved to Houston from Corpus Christi.

CHEMICO began private labeling an extended performance potable water treatment.

In 2011 CHEMICO was certified a Woman Owned Business and a Texas HUB.

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