Paraffin Solvent/Dispersant
CHEMICO offers products that prevent the accumulation of paraffin particles, penetrate deposits, remove existing deposits, and prevent build up.

Industrial Water Treatment
CHEMICO specializes in safer innovative corrosion and scale inhibitor products and services for cooling towers, closed loops and boilers. Our products do not need acid to clean.

Municipal Water Treatment
CHEMICO offers a food grade scale and corrosion inhibitor that is NSF approved to enhance the quality of potable waters.

Remediation - Environmental Clean-up
Oxi 3 is a patented process using two products that create a reaction which oxidizes organics.

Water Conservation for Cooling Towers
HiCycler is a patented side stream process with a small footprint. This process provides corrosion and scale inhibitor protection for the system.

Focusing on providing solutions that are people and environmentally friendly, CHEMICO International, Inc. is a global leader for innovative industrial and municipal water treatment and process solutions.

CHEMICO is a certified Woman Owned Business and a Texas HUB.

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